The folding wing is a unique design to fit into variety of car seats, including racing bucket seats 。
Demonstration of dry ice effect
Deck chair
This exclusive product is suitable for any type of automotive seats, home use and deck chairs.
Office chairs
Office chairs
Racing bucket seat with Coolshion
The inner structures are shown by perspective engineering design and logistic features.
Perspective of inner structure and air-guide box
Multiple layers of EVA and double layers of Mesh design. 1st layer - EVA (3mm)/ wind holes(9mm in diameter). 2nd layer- EVA (3mm)/ wind holes(14mm in diameter). 3rd layer- PE (5mm)/ wind holes(20mm in diameter). 4th layer- Double layer mesh(5mm).
Air box with anti-pressure function
The unique air box design consist of hard plastic materials, Its main function is to keep the stability of airflow into each different wind channels and prevent weight pressure from the human body weights.
Spurt air vent design
The conventional design of the air-vent are often jammed due to the repeated weight pressure from the human body and caused the inadequate airflow. Coolshion's 3 D geometric multi-layer designs are constructed with 4 different tiers of air-vent from 9mm to 20mm in diameter, enable to produce the balance of airflow by three times in contact with human body mass.
Close shot of the 2 tier 3mmEVA air-vent.
Seat and back structure naked photos
Accordion-style airflow duct
The accordion-style air duct allow 180 degrees of bi-directional bending capabilities. The design is to ensure the airflow travels freely thru the flexible duct to the back pads without blockage. Thus the airflow can be distributed evenly thru the entire back of the human body to cool down the heat.
The unique design of the air-guide box is the only solid plastic component in the Coolshion. Its main function is to keep the air flow pass through consistently into each channel and hold up the weight pressure from the human body.

Inner structure of the patent air-guided box .

Optional - UL certified home use AC power converter (110/220V to 12V )
Optional - USB cigarette lighter adaptor (3 sockets)

Low curvature air intake design




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