Extreme Enterprise Co., Ltd. Is a company consists of research and development, sales and production all under one roof. "Coolshions" has patents certifications from multiple countries. Participate in a variety of automotive shows and exhibitions: Guangzhou Auto Supplies Fair, Guangzhou International Trade Fair, Zhengzhou Auto Supplies Exhibition, Taipei car electronics exhibition, Coolshions has had success shipments already to Europe, Australia, America, Southeast Asia and Hong Kong, Macao and other countries, after three years of continuous development and enhancement, Extreme Enterprise is here proudly to introduce the latest generation of Coolshion. It is a "must have" product during the summer season and great products for automotive aftermarket industries.

We are proud to introduce the next generation "Coolshion" by Extreme Enterprise Co., Ltd. Most of the upscale luxury cars have already offer such functions as an option. But there are lots of cars out there do not have such options to buy. In addition to global warming issues, car owners should consider this item as must have item on their list.

Our products has unlimited opportunities, not only can be used for automotives or commercial vehicles in general, it also applies to the computer chair, recliner, or even a rocking chair (home use power converter are available to purchase separately).

If your back sweats every time you sitting in the car seat during summer time, Coolshion maybe the perfect answer for you to take away such uncomfortable sweaty feelings. Coolshion will provide you the feeling of cool and dry during the hot seasons. It is a great must have product you will find it useful either for household or in the car.

In compared to other brands of cool-air cushion on the market, the difference is that the airflow weakens gradually before it can be reached to the back pad due to the body weights pressure on the seating pad repeatedly. Thus the airflow travelled imbalance thru the entire cushions. Coolshion's accordion-style air duct design allows 180 degrees of bi-directional bending capabilities. The design is to ensure the airflow travels freely from wind blower thru the sitting pads and transmit into the back pads without any blockage. Thus the airflow can be distributed evenly thru the entire the human body and feels comfortably.

A.The unique air box design consist of hard plastic materials, Its main function is to keep the stability of airflow into each different wind channels and prevent weight pressure from the human body weights.

B.The accordion-style air duct allow 180 degrees of bi-directional bending capabilities. The design is to ensure the airflow travels freely thru the flexible duct to the back pads without blockage. Thus the airflow can be distributed evenly thru the entire back of the human body to cool down the heat.

C.The folding wing is a unique design to fit into variety of car seats, including racing bucket seats.
D.The conventional design of the air-vent are often jammed due to the repeated weight pressure from the human body and caused the inadequate airflow. Coolshion's 3 D geometric multi-layer designs are constructed with 4 different tiers of air-vent from 9mm to 20mm in diameter, enable to produce the balance of airflow by three times in contact with human body mass.

E.Low curvature air intake design

Patent application
"Coolshion's new design has been patented in several countries.
Taiwan: NO. M361280 NO. M416406
China: NO. 1,308,442 U.S.
USA: NO. 12/470 495 (pending)

Product introduction:The patented air-guide box is build by the most advanced light weight and durable materials to achieve the best air flow effects.
Product description:The external pads of the cushion are composed with soft Nylon/Dylan double strand mesh fabrics. Inner pads are completed with elastic light weighted EVA. All materials are professionally selected to achieve the best comfort and durability. The folding wing design is made to fit into variety shape of automotive seats and can be easily installed and hand carrying anywhere you go

Air-guiding system:The patented ventilation system allows deflector to guide the airflow from the main blower into entire cushions effectively. Thus the cool airflow can be travel quickly thru the trumped air-vent in contact with human body comfortably. In addition, it also serves the function to prevent uncomfortable symptoms caused from the hot weather.

Advantages of the Coolshion
1.The cooshions are composed with high quality pressure-resistance ultra- elastic breathable materials to provide best comfort feelings to human body.
2.Highly durable, light weight, comfort ride and easy installation.
3.High quality breathable materials with exclusive design of the air flow intake structure and powerful airflow conduction boost.
4.Detachable design for easy carrying and travel.
5.Ergonomic folding wing design provides wrap around comfort and enable the cool air to circulate thru the entire cushions.
6.Air speed can be adjusted and fine-tuned to suit your own comfort.
7.Wind force was able to boosts radically by precision adjustments and engineer testing.
8.Fan blower has approximately 20,000 hours of life expectancy.
Q and A
1.Is the Coolshion suitable for drivers only?
A:Coolshion are suitable for healthy general public or individuals who are easy to build up of high body temperature.
2. Why can't I feel the cold airflow immediately after switch on?
A:To experience the best result, wait for 90 seconds before switch on the fan blower after fully engaged with the cushions.

3. Why do I feel the air temperature dropping after a while?
A:Body temperature tend to be submerge after a while, the feeling of the cool air may decreased as norm. You may switch off the fan for a while till the body temperature rises again then turn on the fan to enjoy cold breeze.
4.Is your company selling cushions or the automotive seats?
A:Coolshion is the focal product to our corporation; automotive bucket seat was a display function to demonstrate the snug fit design of the "folding wing".

5.What is the design concept behind the Coolshion?
A:The suction systems of the fan blower breathe-in the cool air from the AC and expelled out thru the cushion pads to engage with human body to result a temperature in difference.
6.How do I clean up and maintenance?
A:1)You may tap the cushions by a stick or a vacuum machine for any tiny substance trapped in the cushions.
2)You may clean the cushions by using alkaline detergent with the wet moisture cloth.
7.After-sales service
A:Fan blower will be free of charge and replacement within 12months period of time upon proof of invoice and date of purchase. Any damage by the human error will not be qualified for replacement with free of charge. Contact our after-sales service department for any questions regarding further services.
Coolshion has 2 different options of AC 12V and AC 24V for both standard and commercial vehicles. Please choose the best application upon the actual fact.

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